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LE300 Smart Battery System
A smart lithium battery
to combine with lead-acid.

The battery capacity can be expanded at any time with single lithium modules.
Autarchy time in combination with a 95 Ah lead-acid battery. Based on typical consumption in a motorhome. more information >
- 10
Less weight compared to a pure lead-acid system with the same usable capacity.
Winter-proof system. Thanks to integrated cell heating, you can use the LE300 Smart Battery System even at sub-zero temperatures without damage or energy loss.
Increase the lifetime of the whole battery system to up to 10 years.
Simple plug & play thanks to intelligent battery management. No modification to the existing charging technology is required.
Due to its modular concept, the overall system ensures a safe power supply and protects against a complete breakdown.
The LE300 Smart Battery System is developed and manufactured in Germany.

Each LE300 module is TÜV tested with an E1 certification. Which means its robust housing is vibration and shock resistant to withstand even extreme conditions.

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